Motorcycle Insurance Claremont (NH)

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Motorcycle Insurance Laws: New Hampshire

In Claremont, New Hampshire, motorcycle liability insurance is required by law. Liability coverage pays for damages incurred by third parties in accidents for which you are judged to be legally at fault. Your liability coverage must meet or surpass certain minimum limits for bodily injury to others and damage to others’ property.

  • $25,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injuries of a Single Person in an Accident
  • $50,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injuries of All Individuals in an Accident
  • $25,000: Liability Coverage for Property Damage

On the one hand, just having $25,000/$50,000/$25,000 in NH motorcycle insurance is the least expensive option. Yet less coverage translates to higher risks that your insurance payout will not cover your total medical costs if you injure or are injured by another motorist. Keep in mind that the cost of health care and personal property often inflates much faster than legislation gets changed.